Whale Watching

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From Mid-May to October/November
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Ocean Dreaming is a fast modern comfortable vessel. Stable in all sea conditions, enabling you to enjoy your day watching these magnificent creatures. She has three levels of outside viewing decks, perfect for whale watching and with these nice high decks everyone gets an unobstructed view of the whales and some great photo opportunities.
Whale Guarantee: If you miss seeing the whales on your first trip, you can come again at no charge on a standby basis.
Days: Every day
Cockle Bay, Darling Hbr: 9.45am-12.30pm ,12.50pm-4.15pm
Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay: 9.15am-1pm, 1.15pm-4.45pm
Cost: $94/adult, (Concession with ID $84) $59/child, $247/family (child <14)Discounts for groups over 15 – POA
ocean dreamingIIsm
Days: Every day
Depart: 2 hour Trip
Cockle Bay, Darling Hbr: 10..30am-1pm, 2pm-4.15pm
Circular Quay: 2.15pm to 4pm
Manly: 11-12.30pm
Cost: $60/Adult, $40/Child,
*Note – children must be over 130cm tall
Sydney Eco Whale Watching’s personalised 4.0 hour eco-tour caters for only 12 passengers at a time. No pushing crowds and lots of personal attention will make this a powerful, spiritual experience. Katrina is an excellent ocean going yacht that lets you have an awe inspiring – experience with the whales.
Days: Every Day Except Mondays (Unless a Public Holiday)
Time: 8AM to 12PM or 12.30PM to 4.30PM
Departure point: King St Wharf 7 (Mostly, can Change)
Cost: $115pp, $65 for Children Under 12

The Humpback whale has a stocky body with a broad, rounded head and extremely long flippers, which can be up to one third of the animal’s total length (up to 16m). There is a series of knobbly protuberances on the head, jaws and flippers, which often have large barnacles growing on their summits. There is a noticeable rounded projection near the tip of the lower jaw, and the posterior margin of the tail flukes is scalloped and may also have barnacles growing along it. The large baleen plates are black, as are the back and sides of the body and sometimes the undersides although it is more usual for the belly to have some white on it. The flippers and underside of the tail flukes are usually mostly white, and the pattern on the flukes has been found to be unique for each individual.



Blowing and surfacing characteristics of the Humpback whale

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Humpbacks feed on krill and small schooling fish, and when food is concentrated the whale lunges through the patch with its mouth open, or may swim slowly on its side, straining the water.

Each year, an estimated 1500-1800 humpback whales migrate 5000km from Antarctic waters where they feed to warmer waters off eastern Australia and beyond where they give birth and mate. Off Sydney they are seen migrating north during June and heading south during October.

Vessel-based whale watching is popular in NSW. Unlike Hervey Bay in Queensland, where whales are resting with new-born calves, most humpback whales in NSW waters are actively migrating. Any disturbance by vessels has the potential to affect these animals.Whales require ‘personal space’, and harassment may severely stress them � possibly causing accidents both for humans and whales if the whales feel threatened. This is especially important in the case of the adults with calves, which may be either resting or suckling. Research has shown that whales are highly sensitive to engine noises. You should also be aware that during the mating season, males competing for females may engage in rough physical contact.

All whale watching boats through Sail Australia keep within the guidelines set down by National Parks. This means that the boats do not go within 100m of the whale (or 300 if with calf) and do not disturb their migration.


Participants must be fit & well and know of no reason why they should not undertake the voyage . If in doubt please consult your doctor.
Children should be of the requisite age for the tour being undertaken ; ie whale watch winter season 8 yrs ; spring season 12 years; nature watch full day 12 years