Based on the Gold Coast but can travel to wherever required

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Boat Image Description
camera cat corporate
12Metres in Length. 3.5 Metres wide.
UCL Class 2c survey which allows the cat to commercially operate 30 nautical miles to sea with comfortable seating for 6 passengers.
The cat has both 240V and 12V power for TV cameras or monitors, chargers or anything electrical.The Cat is also fitted with a stablising cradle for a camera-person to be supported while filming.The Cats design is a semi displacement and powered by 500hp, which means it is very smooth through the water and gives off minimal wash to compeditors.

It has a VHF radio and music system.

  • The Sydney 2000 Olympics
  • Mission Impossible 2
  • Toyota commercial – on the international regatta centre in Penrith
  • AMP
  • Chesty Bond
  • Campbell’s Soup Commercial (‘Plugger’ – Tony Lockett)
  • Toohey’s Maximum commercial on Manly Dam
  • We have worked in such destinations as Hamilton Island, Narrabeen Lakes, Manly Dam, Pittwater, Geelong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and New Zealand.
  • TV Programs – The Mole, Get Away and Marry Me.
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