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There are numerous boats on Sydney Harbour that can be hired for any occasion – Yachts, Cruisers, Corporate Boats, Ferries and many others. They may be hired for cruising the Harbour or you can hire a boat to enjoy the fishing or wildlife off the coast.
Sail Australia is a specialist consultant in recommending the best boat to suit your needs at no additional cost.

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If you would like further information on any of the boats listed, please contact Sail Australia.

Prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change. Prices do not include premium days eg. New Years Eve.

Hint: For most boats, the maximum number can be quite crowded. It is recommended to look at boats larger than the size of your group.
Special Days & Public Holidays: Surcharges apply to all vessels (especially New Years Eve)
Wharf Fees may be applicable – for details see Departure Points.


Small Yachts take any from our bareboat page and just add the cost of the skipper
Camera Cat Speedboat 7 $242/h50/h
Topcat Yacht 7 $650-695
Yackatoon Offshore Cruiser 11
Bavaria 40 luxury yacht 11 $1165
MV Salute Luxury Cruiser 12 $1400-$1600 yes avail byo
Rivieria 4000 cruiser 15 $1795 yes avail byo
The Count luxury yacht 16
Highlander Cruiser 18 $1600-1900 yes/sc
Legal Tender open launch 18 $200/hr
Ultimate 1 Cruiser 20 transfers
Katrina Yacht 20 $1195 yes avail  licenced
Cabaret Sail Catamaran 20 $1400-1500 yes byo  byo
Antipodes Luxury Yacht 10 $1950 yes avail byo
Platinum Luxury Cruiser 22 $2200-2780 food only fr $39 $15/p/h
Day by Day Cruiser 22 $2000 yes Fr $25 $11/p/h
Kalinda Luxury Cruiser 23 $3400
Lady Hopetoun Historic Steam 25 $1600-1900 yes all BYO BYO
Imagine Sailing Cat 28 $2000-2300 yes avail byo
Ghost Luxury Cruiser 30 $6-7000 no avail
MV Pisces Luxury Cruiser 30 $3520-3960 no avail $14-33/p/h
Kirralee Sailing Cat 30 $1600-1800 yes avail byo
Yackatoon Cruiser 35 $2300-3100 yes/sc fr.$90 avail
Obsession Luxury Sail Catamaran 35 $2500 yes/sc available
Ambiance Cruiser 38 $2200-2400 yes/sc
Barefoot Sailing Catamaran 30 $2200 yes byo  byo
Lithgow Trad. Ferry 40 $950-1750 yes byo byo
Silver Spirit Cruiser 42 $2100-2380 Food only $20-60 $38-50
Hooche Mumma Cruiser 45 $1800 yes
Kondor Cruiser 45 $1440-1680 yes
JBW Luxury Cruiser 45 No
State of the Art Luxury Cruiser 45 $2640-3520 yes fr. $35 $24-32
Fleetwing Cruiser 46 $2200-3000 yes/sc fr $20
Mia Party Cruiser 49 $1650 yes BYO
Mystery Bay Motor Cruiser 48 $1200 yes BYO
Ali B Cruiser 49 $1400-1800 yes $20-60 $32-56
Sea Escape Luxury Cruiser 50 $3200 no $40-60 $48
Yarranabbe Luxury Cruiser 50 $3100-4100 yes* $39-85 $40-56
Sydney Sundancer Sail. Ketch 50 $2000-2200 yes $38-100 $40
Janthe Cruiser 55 $1300-1960 food only/sc $30-60 $38
Ariston Luxury Cruiser 58  $4400-5400 no $50-99 fr$14/p/h
Larger vessels for numbers 60+

IC: Includes Charter
No.Dining: Seated
SC: Surcharge Applies
$/P/H: $ Per Person Per Hour
Self Catering: You Can bring your own Food and/or Drinks

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